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Providing quality services to juvenile and adult corrections and social services systems

About Us

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Our Business Philosophy     

We believe that youth are our most valuable resource, and as such we should invest in them with the most competent and capable caring adults, who have access to the most effective and efficient programs and services.   We believe that young people are capable of change, and since they are (especially adolescents) in the most active growth period of human development (except for infancy), have the ability to absorb a great deal of knowledge.       We therefore approach our work with corrections and social services systems, jurisdictions, and others with a presumption that there are very few  if any, bad or evil youth, but rather youth who have made poor choices.   We further believe that youth who are at risk are skill deficit, that is they have never learned the appropriate pro-social skills to competently deal with stressful or problem situations.   We also believe that with prescriptive, developmental programming within a sound organizational structure, will enhance the likelihood that youth at risk will change their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes and become contributing, constructive, citizens of their communities.

Our Mission

The Mission of G & G Consultants, LLC is to provide services to jurisdictions, juvenile and adult corrections and social services systems, and private, not for profit and for profit youth agencies (including school systems) who offenders, youthful offenders, behaviorally disordered, emotionally disturbed to name but a few.

Our Company

G & G Consultants, LLC is a small business.   Both principle partners of the business have devoted their entire careers working with children and adolescents.   The business was incorporated after many years of consultation services to jurisdictions at the Federal, State, and Municipal level of government in the areas of Organizational Development, Program Development, Staff Development, as well as product development.  G & G  Consultants, LLC now does work throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, however maintains personal services to meet specific agency needs.



Customer Comments

One of the best "hands on" practical training institutes I have attended LBD, Saint Paul, MN

Practice of perfect practice makes perfect... indeed I can't wait to begin. Charlene, Collum Bay, WA

Kids have fun while learning, and are immediately, richly, and effectively rewarded for using appropriate social skills. PO, Los Angeles, CA

Don't worry Ms. Carthan, I will make it... at least I am alive... I used my negotiations skills, thanks to you and your staff. Gang Member, Brooklyn, NY