G & G Consultants, LLC

About Us
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We would like to provide you with our philosophy and underlying business principles so you are better able to understand what motivates the services we provide and how we approach our work with you as a prospective consumer.
Our Business Philosophy
     We believe that youth are our most valuable resource, and as such we should invest in them with the most competent and capable caring adults, who have access to the most effective and efficient programs and services.   We believe that young people are capable of change, and since they are (especially adolescents) in the most active growth period of human development (except for infancy), have the ability to absorb a great deal of knowledge. 
     We therefore approach our work with corrections systems, jurisdications, and others with a presumption that there are very few  if any, bad or evil youth, but rather youth who have made poor choices.   We further believe that youth who are at risk are skill deficit, that is they have never learned the appropriate pro-social skills to competently deal with stressful or problem situations.   We also believe that with prescriptive, developmental programming within a sound organizational structure, will enhance the likelihood that youth at risk will change their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes and become contributing, constructive, citizens of their communities.

The Mission of G & G Consultants, LLC is to provide services to jurisdictions, juvenile and adult corrections systems, and private, not for profit and for profit youth agencies who serve youth at risk--whether those youth are juvenile delinquents, juvenile offenders, youthful offenders, behaviorally disordered, emotionally disturbed to name but a few.

Our Company

G & G Consultants, LLC is a small, family owned business.   Both principle partners of the business have devoted their entire careers working with children and adolescents.   The business was incorporated after many years of consultation services to jurisdictions at the Federal, State, and Municipal level of government in the areas of Organizational Development, Program Development, Staff Development, as well as product development.  G & G  Consultants, LLC now does work throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, however maintains personal services to meet specific agency needs.


Our Associates
Joan E. Glick, MS, CAS, CRC
     President and Chief Executive Officer
     Joan has devoted her career to issues of school and rehabilitation counseling.   She offers services in the areas of case management and case conferncing, as it relates to services for at risk youth.   


Jan., 1995 June, 1997; SUNY at Albany full Time Graduate Studies;  Rehabilitation Counseling, MS (12/96) School Counseling, CAS (5/97)


Jan., 1993 Dec., 1994; SUNY at Albany BA (Psychology, Education  Minor) Dean's List


Sept., 1991 Dec., 1992  Schenectady Community College         Associate in Science Business Administration.  President's List and Dean's List  Peer Tutoring Search Committee. Peer Tutor for those with special needs (LD students)




October, 1996       Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (C.R.C. #35014)


May, 1997; Certificate  of Participation "HIV Counseling and Risk Assessment for Adolescents in Foster Care" (two day program SDSS).  In addition to a one day program in "HIV/AIDS Orientation " and  a one day program in "HIV and Substance Use".


June, 2000; Aggression Replacement Training (ART)-- Group Facilitator


  •  ART Training

  •  Case Management

  • Organization & Development

  • Skills Training



Joan Glick is President and Chief Executive Officer of 
G & G Consulants, LLC

Barry Glick,  Ph.D., NCC, ACS
       Chief Operations Officer




Administrative:        Barry has organized and directed various children, youth, and family services.  These include residential services, community services (group homes and agency boarding homes), intake and after care, as well as diagnostic and evaluative services.  He has also supervised and coordinated psychiatric, psychological, and medical services.  He has supervised program administrators with a staff of 375 people.  He has developed and managed finances and budgets.


Research and

Grantsmanship:      Since 1968, Barry has written and directed numerous research projects and Federal/State grants.  The focus of these efforts has been the human services with emphasis in the areas of juvenile justice, social services, and special education.  Programs developed from these grants include staff training and development, direct services to children and families, and development of program evaluation and analysis.


Teaching:               Barry has taught at every level in school from elementary through graduate education.  He has developed counseling programs and general studies curricula for college students, taught nurses and hospital personnel in the areas of psychology, developed paraprofessional programs in the areas of child care, social services, and education.




and  Community

Action:                   Barry has consulted with various educational, mental health and child care organizations in areas of administration and clinical programming.  He has served with professional advisory groups relative to policy formulation.  He has created and edited a professional publication for the New York State Council for Exceptional Children.  He has served on Boards of Education, and executive/advisory committees for various professional and service groups.





Barry earned a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Syracuse University in December 1972.

Barry attended the State University of New York, College at Oswego wehre he earned a Master of Science Degree in Counseling.

Barry earned an AB Degree from the University of Miami in Psychology and Zoology with a minor in Biology and Political Science.