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Oregon Youth Authority Trains Staff in Aggression Replacement TrainingŪ

Agency takes steps toward complying with PARTŪTC Standards

Today's Date -- The Oregon Youth Authority, under state mandate to provide evidence based programs to its youth in care has initiated a statewide project to train staff to competently deliver ARTŪ to its youth in custody.  Thirty-two staff, four of whom are private providers, were trained by Dr. Barry Glick and a second certified trainer, Michael Kenney to deliver the Aggression Replacement TrainingŪ program to youth at-risk according to PARTŪTC standards and established program integrity.  The staff will be clinically supervised and program implementation monitored for quality assurance.   After the staff delivers the program three consecutive times, ten will be identified through a selection process to be trained as "Trainers of ARTŪ Group Facilitators".  Dr. Glick stated he expected the second phase should be completed by December, 2006.

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