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Program Development
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Training and Staff Development

G & G Consultants provides organizational and program development for jurisdictions and agencies (public and private), grant proposal writing, staff development, training, consultation, and access to other providers.   (Click on the underline links for more information)

Program Development

Cognitive Behavioral Programs are based upon principles that include changing individuals thinking and behaving. As such, programs are designed to impact a person's thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. A second set of programs provide cognitive skills to train people how to behave in more pro-social ways when faced with aggressive, stressful, or anti-social situations.
We specialize in AGGRESSION REPLACEMENT TRAINING® (ART®)), THINKING FOR A CHANGE (T4C), Cognitive Self Change (CSC), Problem Solving and the Youth Development System (behavior management) .
To begin with, let us define what we mean by Cognitive Behavior Programs. These are interventions that lie in one of two domains. The first is: Cognitive Restructuring Programs, where the emphasis is on our thinking... that is how our thoughts control our actions. The Second is Cognitive Skills Programs, where the emphasis is in training appropriate pro-social skills to deal with conflict, stressful, or anger producing situations. Traditionally, each of these domains approached behavior change based upon techniques that either altered one's thinking, which in turn affected one's behavior; or altered one's behavior, which in turn influenced one's thinking.
This website is devoted to both kinds of interventions. We shall from time to time, produce brief descriptions, papers, resources, materials, and techniques. Write us your thoughts in our guest book on our home page, or ask your questions, or provide your suggested methods for interventions based upon your own experiences.
We at G & G invite all to participate, as together we learn about this most exciting potential to effect positive youth development.

Training and Staff Development

We offer training institutes in Aggression Replacement Training®, Thinking for a Change, Skills Training, Problem Solving, Cognitive Self Change, among others.  Training is offered: at the basic level that prepares staff to facilitate groups in these various programs with their clients; at an advanced level, to train individuals to train others in a particular intervention, and at a Master level of competence, which is individualized for each candidate's needs.

Professional Aggression Replacement Training® Centers

We offer licenses to jurisdictions, systems, agencies (public and private) to operate these training centers to advance the program and staff development of cognitive behavioral interventions, including ART®.

Networking and Associates

We support and endorse cooperation with a variety of associations, agencies, jurisdictions, and individuals who advance the principles of effective cognitive behavioral programs and service.

Research, Assessment and Program Evaluation

Program evaluation and research to demonstrate efficacy of our work, and assessment to refine skill sets is critical to continued competency.  We support as well as conduct projects to further the body of literature that enhances program integrity and effective practices.