Research and Program Evaluation
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Successful program implementation requires a plan that assesses program effectiveness and cost benefits to clients and stake holders.  As such, we advocate that systems implement appropriate research and collect data to insure program integrity and effectiveness.  Click on the links below for more information.

Key Benefits

  • Demonstrates client growth, acquisition of skills
  • Provides data for policy direction and program refinements
  • Supports budget requests and continued resources for program implementation

The following links provide examples of research efficacy studies for Aggression Replacement TrainingŪ among others.

Aggression Replacement Training Research Seminal Works.doc         This is a summary chart of the original research conducted on Aggression Replacement TrainingŪ. 

ART Research Summary Studies 03-2006.doc                                      This provides summaries for 29 independent research projects, efficacy studies and literature reviews.

Documents\Gains ART Evaluation summary 09-04.doc                      This is a published research report on an Aggression Replacement TrainingŪ program operated by the Ramsey County Community Correction Department, Division of Youth Services.

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