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Many of our products are teaching aides and learning tools to help deliver cognitive behavior interventions and facilitate organizational development, program development and staff development

Our Products

Product 1:  ART Facilitators Manual
This is used in conjuntion with our ART Training Group Facilitator Training Seminar.   It is available as a Specimen Copy  ONLY and may not be copied or reproduced.

Aggression Replacement Training


A Comprehensive Intervention to combat aggression and violence



The Facilitators Resource Guide



Presented by G & G Consultants, LLC

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Scotia, NY  12302-4702

(518) 399-7933 (Voice) (518) 384-2070 (Fax)



Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction


      Brief Overview of ART Facilitator Training

      About the Trainers


 Section 2: Participant Activity and Handout Sheets


      Goals and Expectations

      Ten Week ART Curriculum

ART Skill Cards

      Skill Step Analysis Activity

      Develop Your Own Social Skill Activity


      Role Playing

      Performance Feedback

      Transfer training

      Steps for Conducting SLT or ACT Groups Handout

      SLT Facilitators Guide Handout

      Homework Report Handout

      Homework Report Activity

      SLT Practice Format

      SLT Demonstration Feedback Form (6)

      SLT What Do You Think Activity

      ACT Pre Test

      ACT Facilitators Guide

      Hassle Log

      ACT Practice Format

      ACT Demonstration Feedback Form (6)

      ACT Post Test

      ACT What Do You Think Activity

      Kohlbergs Moral Stages

      Responses to problem Situations Handout

      MR Demonstration Format

      Social Decision Making Meeting Checklist (6)

      MR What Do You Think Activity

      Managing Group Behavior Activity


Section 3: PowerPoint Presentations

      Welcome to Aggression Replacement Training

      Aggression Replacement Training

     Aggression Replacement raining:  An Overview

      Anger Control Training

      Moral Reasoning

      Aggression Replacement Training

       Management, Implementation and Systems Issues


Section 4: Moral Reasoning Problems

      Jims Problem Situation

      Jerrys Problem Situation

      Marks Problem Situation

      Georges Problem Situation

      Leons Problem Situation

      Sams Problem Situation

      Reggies Problem Situation

      Alonzos Problem Situation

      Juans Problem Situation

      Antonios Problem Situation


Product 2:  ART CALENDARS 
ART Calendars now available for use by both staff and clients.   You may order these directly from Mike Canfield

ART Calendar $12.95 plus tax, postage, & handling
You may order this product by email at: Mkbeth@attbi.com or call Mike at 1-800-695-0639.

How to Order

You may order these products directly as instructions provide or send us a voucher or check for the amount of the products plus shipping and handling charges.   See our contacts page as to how to reach us.