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G & G Consultants, LLC provides technical assistance, training, and other human resources services to criminal justice agencies and jurisdictions, especially those serving the youthful offender. G & G Consultants, LLC is the sole source for the training and certification of trainers for AGGRESSION REPLACEMENT TRAINING® (ART®), a multimodal comprehensive intervention for violent and aggressive adolescents. This intervention has 20 years of delivery in over 45 States, 6 Canadian Provinces, and several foreign countries. Its three components, Skills Training, Anger Control Training, and Moral Reasoning, address the three facets that produce aggression and violence in young offenders, that is: the behavioral, affective, and cognitive components of aggressive and violent behavior.

G & G Consultants also provides organizational and program development for jurisdictions and agencies, grant proposal writing, staff development, training, consultation, and access to other providers.
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We offer the following facilitator training:

AGGRESSION REPLACEMENT TRAINING® (ART®) -- A comprehensive interveniton to reduce aggression and violence among youth

THINKING FOR A CHANGE (T4C) -- A cognitive behavioral intervention that provides a new approach for offenders to change their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes; learn pro-social skills; and problem solving.

We offer advanced training and training of trainers in:



We offer organizational development, and program technical assistance for private, not for profit youth serving agencies; juvenile corrections systems; and criminal justice systems serving youth in adult systems.

Customer Comments

One of the best "hands on" practical training institutes I have attended LBD, Saint Paul, MN

Practice of perfect practice makes perfect... indeed I can't wait to begin. Charlene, Collum Bay, WA

Kids have fun while learning, and are immediately, richly, and effectively rewarded for using appropriate social skills. PO, Los Angeles, CA

Don't worry Ms. Carthan, I will make it... at least I am alive... I used my negotiations skills, thanks to you and your staff. Gang Member, Brooklyn, NY





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G & G Consultants, LLC is dedicated to improving the quality of services to youth at risk, whether they are in communities, or placed in youth or adult criminal justice systems